Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Infusion #3

We have a routine.  As soon as we hit the doors to M.D.Anderson, I head for the clinic for my fasting blood draw and John runs across campus to get me a mocha.  About the time I finish getting my blood drawn, he greets me with my first mocha of the day :-)
It always tastes super good!

Well, each time John and I try to make the trip faster - shorter somehow and karma is telling us NO, its just going to take time and your trip will be no less than 15 hours. O.K. I think we have finally accepted this.  My infusion started 2 hours late and took an extra half hour to get my I.V. going, with extra sticks, OUCH. 

I have one more infusion before I get scanned and we can determine whether or not this treatment is working! On March 29 I'll have my scan, and on March 30, I'll know the results. 

Full time training all week on campus and a late night class tonight is making this one of the hardest weeks of the semester.  But, here it is Wednesday already!  Firing the kiln for the One Million Bones project this morning as well.  Cheers to work and life.
xoxoxox, love and peace, Kara

1 comment:

  1. As always I love your posts Kara.
    I hate the circumstances in which they
    fall under, but love reading your voice.

    I'm glad karma has said 15 hours is it!!
    No shaving time off these important events.
    I think of it as you and John getting to have a "date" on these special Friday's. A date with no possible cancellation that you two get
    to share "windshield time". You can talk and
    just be together and enjoy each other's company. Laugh, cry, reminesse and plan for your long future ahead together. Listen to music, be nostalgic, tell jokes and play slug-bug(ok, Ronnie and I call it slug-mini's now).
    I look forward to your future posts with tales
    of trials and triumphs.
    I love you sister