Friday, March 30, 2012

Staying in the Trial!

Just a quick note....I'm in observation post infusion. My scans showed some growth of the 2 biggest tumors, but the smaller ones are shrinking! I'm on a lower dose to see if we can keep my cholesterol down. I'll have 4 more infusions over next 8 weeks (including this one) and then I'll be rescanned. I'm feeling good and truly breathing easier for the first time since mets diagnosis in December. Lea, my sister, is with me this trip. We are headed back to Austin soon! Dr. Patel and nurse Shy were great and they are both all smiles that the Drug is working!
Peace with my journey


  1. Loved the part where you are breathing easier...makes me smile.XOXO

  2. Love to you Leslie, xo, I'm smiling today too!