Monday, March 25, 2013

My neck is clear of tumors!

Friday was a long day but a happy one.  My appointments started at 8:30am and it was about 8:05pm when we finally got in the car to leave Houston.  We (especially Leslie - that's another story) were  running between the main building and the other labs all day.  It was nuts.  My neck ultrasound was scheduled for 10:30, however, they were running late, so it was more like 11:30 when I was on the table. But, I didn't care (I'm sure the ativan, a.k.a. xanax, was helping me out here) and then because the Radiologist confirmed that there was no evidence of cancerous tumors in my neck and I did not have to have the biopsy after all.  This was a huge relief! I literally pass out when physicians just "talk" about what they are going to do (this was the reason for the ativan, now I realize I didn't need it afterall and spent the next 8 hours in a fog).  I left interventional radiology feeling like a champ.  The rest of the day was standard course.  Even though it was later than usual everywhere we went, the time flew by.  In fact, because we were so late, we made it in time for dinner service at the chemo clinic and finished in time to miss the 5pm traffic getting out of Houston.  Friends since the age of 9, Leslie and I laughed like the little girls that still live in each of us. Thank you for that Leslie. 

This was my last of 4 infusions.  Next, I will be scanned on April 3 and will see the physician for results on April 5 with John.  We are planning on going to the beach afterward for a night so I may not blog for several days after that.  I am not anticipating much change this first scan, I am told that Yervoy can be in your system for 6 months and may take that long to see change in the tumor size.  I will not receive an infusion for the next 12 weeks.  Instead, I will be scanned and see the doctor once per month during this time.  If my physician determines that indeed the Yervoy is effective for me, I will start another 4 doses at a much higher level (from 3 to 10mg) in July.  This is also dependent on the current trial of patients who are receiving 10mg. If they are unable to tolerate this dose, a new level will be determined and that's where they will start me in July.  That's about all I know about my course of treatment for now. 

I have appreciated going to MD Anderson less.  Last year, I was there every other week.  This year, I have been going every third week.  It really  made a difference and now once per month, I feel free. 

Spring Break is long over and we are truly on what I always feel like is the downhill slide with the semester.  I am starting to engage new work and projects, which is always fun and exciting.  There is some quote out there about "if you love your work, you will never work a day in your life." 

Love, Peace, and Acceptance

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