Friday, January 13, 2012

Cancer Vaccine?

My stepfather, Mark Skokan, shared this with me the other day.  He is a cancer survivor as well.  This is revolutionary.  Go to my Facebook page to get the link to the article about it.  Vaccine here doesn't refer to everyone going out and getting a shot to prevent cancer.  It is still a treatment for people who already have cancer.  It has to do with the way the injection helps your own body fight against the cancer rather than pouring poison into your system to kill the cancer and then hope it doesn't kill you too.  On another note, lots of interesting new drugs on trial for chemotherapy.  Also, many patients are able to tolerate the treatment much better than in previous decades, even years. 

I'm going to campus today. WOOHOO....meeting with my new T.A. for the semester and getting some technology training on Google Apps for my classes to create discussion boards this spring.  Its cold here today, but supposed to be sunny!  Happy day everyone, xo

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