Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Good Question

Good Morning,
All of your comments on Facebook and in emails are overwhelming and so sweet. Thank you for rallying around me and lifting me up. My dad had a question about the first appointment. My sister had the same question. "What will happen?" When I go see Dr. Patel on Jan. 18, she is going to assess my class more closely. She has already seen my records and the hospital of course approves your health insurance before they let you in. Dr. Patel will talk to me about the various clinical trials that they are currently running at MD Anderson for uveal melanoma mets to the liver. Based on what I can read and understand, I look like a good candidate for more than one trial. Yesterday afternoon, I picked up my scans from Austin Radiological. JUST the scans from 2009-2011 take up 3 disks! I'll take those with me.
Today, John and Jason are continuing to build a brick patio in the back yard. Then, we are all going over to spend time with Lea, Peyton, and my precious niece, Kelley. She is the one person (at 3 years of age), who seems oblivious of everything and always just as happy as a toddler should be.
I bask in her magic.

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