Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just another reason why our healthcare system needs an overhaul...

For me, I hate the days when I have an image name it, I've had it. Ultrasound, CT, MRI, PET, etc.  Sometimes the staff can help you through this - typically you are starving and then have to drink some thick nonfood item (Barium) and then be stuck with a needle and injected with dye that makes you feel like you just urinated all over yourself......

Yesterday, was one of those not so good scanning days.  While filling out paperwork (same forms, one million times) and downing my barium berry drink, yum, I could clearly hear (as could everyone in the waiting room) the front desk clerk practically yelling at a patient about her bill and that she was going to be turned over to collections if she didn't pay something now.  I was infuriated.  I am reliving the rage as I type.  As soon as I could get that drink finished, I went over to the desk and very quietly, approached this insensitive person.

"We could all hear you talk to that patient about her bill."  She uttered "uh-huh." I continued, "It was really inappropriate and I think that you should consider how that would make you feel if you couldn't pay your bill."  By then, she had averted her eyes and begun typing again trying to ignore me.  Her co-worker looked on horrified.  Shame on her! Shame on the imaging center for not training her better or even hiring her in the first place!! I wish I could say that this doesn't happen very often, or that we don't all have our own stories about the lack of compassion throughout our system. 

Then, a horrible IV and scan....I think this is it (except for a blood draw the day of my infusion on 2/3).  Its about the days in between when there aren't any appointments, needles, or scans. 
Raining so hard last night.  Bastrop - same area that burned to the ground last summer, got 7" of rain last night! Until later....xo

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