Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Night Before...

Preparing for Infusion #3...there are some patterns emerging in my life around this treatment.  The night before is always a scramble to get as many things completed as possible.  This is due in part to the fact that I'm leaving; however, the reality is that the first week or so after the infusion is intense and exhausting.  I start to feel more like myself just a few days before we leave again.  So, this is a golden period of time for me to be as productive as I can.  I did knock out a grant this week and saw all five of my student teachers that I'm supervising in the field as well.  I'm so proud!  My first group of student teachers.  It's very exciting for me. 

My peers are in NYC for the National Art Education Association meeting.  I'm super sad not to be there.  If I do, then I get mad and irritated that this cancer thing is interrupting things that I want to do! sigh....then, something happens to snap back to a place of gratitude. 

Last night, there were tornadoes in several states, killing many people.  I was wondering if they had been asked, "Would you like to die tonight or would you be willing to drive to Houston every other week for a chemo infusion and live for an indeterminate amount of time?" I think that most, if not all of those people would have said "Yes! I'll drive anywhere."  Today, I am grateful and lucky.

This week I joined a list serve comprised of people who have been diagnosed with ocular melanoma.  Some have mets to the liver like me.  Others are at the initial stages, where I was 11 years ago.  This is a one in a million diagnosis and I've discovered 3 other patients and/or caregivers in the Austin and surrounding area!  I am hoping to meet them face to face soon.  One patient is even on the same trial as I am. Amazing.

Tomorrow's Schedule:

6am - leave house
9:45 - blood draw...then I can eat and drink! WOOHOO
10 - see Dr. Patel (I only see her every other visit)
1pm - infusion
home....hopefully before crazy Houston traffic gets super bad

Peace, Love, and Here's to knowing some friendly faces at a place that was once scary is slowly evolving into a place for my healing.....xo

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