Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I made it through an entire 4 sessions of chemo before scans

Hi Everyone,
Since my chemo is at a lower dose it has overall, been easier to tolerate.  I still have pain, but good days and bad days with that.  I'm not as fatigued in general, which is great.  For the ladies (and men who shave their legs) has been 11 days since I shaved my legs and they still feel like it was yesterday that I did this (nice bonus). I am wrapping up things at school and prepping for June in-service session that we are hosting at U.T.  I have some summer projects going on, independent study with one student, finishing up an incomplete with another, working with my team on the first summer launch of the Art and Media training in June, attending TEKS meeting with TEA at the end of June.  Other than that, I have also decided to start a non-profit organization.  I'm going to write about it in another post so that it doesn't get buried here.  Its call Shoestring Studios and I'll have a separate blog for this as well.  It's all about offering art to kids battling cancer and the caregivers who are going through it as well.  This summer will keep me busy with all this stuff.  In the meantime, I go to MD Anderson next week and get scanned on 5/24.  I'll know the results by the following morning and we will know how the chemo is working. Are the tumors shrinking? Or still growing? hmmmmmmm
peace in my journey, xo, k

Oh and yes, my first batch of student teachers are graduating this Friday and Saturday (1/2 of them are undergrads and the other 1/2 are grad students - 2 separate graduation ceremonies)! WOOHOO....some of them even have jobs lined up already :-)

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