Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Infusion #10

#10 can you believe it? I can't. I remember when I turned ten years old. It was 1980 and I thought that was the coolest thing to be turning a decade old at the start of a new decade.  This past time really wore me out.  I think that it was cumulative tiredness....from the end of the semester, coping with everything, the biopsy and then the results of that, summer session in June, etc.  I just crashed for about an entire week and now, here I am getting ready to go in for infusion #11 this Friday. What????

Changes? I am going to be seeing my local oncologist, Dr. Hellerstaadt to help pull some of my blood draws and scans back in Austin and minimize my time in Houston.  The travel is wearing us out more than anything and we really aren't that far away!  Every time I am there, I meet someone who has traveled farther......and then I'm reminded of that gift.

I'm hanging in with work, but some balls have been dropped.  This stresses me, but I'm working on staying focused on the most important things and getting as much rest as possible. 

John got a job! WOOHOO.....this is great news for us.  He is healthcare consulting again with an old partner and its going great so far.  He is happy and seems to be thriving back in his old element.  He'll have to travel some, but has been promised to have time off to take me to Houston.

Oh, yea and for those who aren't on Facebook, I cut my hair.  

Friday is Infusion #11.........after a few days of rest, I'll be visiting with my mom and grandmother....then home for scans on 7/19 and infusion #12 on 7/20.  I'll blog when I can. 

Love to all of you and your friends and family who are also suffering from cancer and other health issues.  You are also on my mind.  Thank you for lifting me up and keeping me strong through this.

Peace and love, xoxoxox, k


  1. I've been keeping up with your blog posts, but I never know what to say. I want to say, "Hang in there, Dr. Hallmark!" but I'm sure a lot of people tell you that. I want to say, "Do your best!" but I know you are. So, most of the time, I read your blogs and secretly hope in my heart that you are doing well and with each passing day, that you are better. Your haircut looks fabulous, by the way!

    I can't wait to see you when the summer is over.

    1. Thank you sweet Vivian. I am doing good. I appreciate your words of support. I really do. Cheers to Fall 2012!