Saturday, June 16, 2012

More Information

1. The tumor in my right breast is a uveal melanoma metastasis, which is good news because it will be treated with the current chemo trial that I am on - in fact it has been treated all along, we just didn't know that it was there.

2. It is an usual place for the tumor to travel, so when I had a clean mammo in Sept., that was that.

3. My doctor - she is truly a superstar to me - found this 1 mm mass on a CT scan, which is nearly impossible to do and which should have been detected by the radiologist somewhere along the way.

4. She pulled all my CT scans back to December, and yes, its been there all along.

5. I'm feeling fine.  Still some soreness from the biopsy - but each day is better.

Off to work now! I know its Saturday.....I haven't started to lose my mind just yet!

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