Monday, July 23, 2012

Scans in Austin, and some more understanding....

I had my CT scans and my bi-weekly blood work in Austin this time! WOOHOO, yes it makes a difference to be able to eat breakfast in the car.

My scans show stability.  O.K. I was under the impression that meant no growth, no shrinkage. It means slow growth.  Since I have entered the trial on 2/3/12, my tumors have shown an overall 9% growth.  My blood work is still healthy.  The fatigue is getting worse.  I think my pain is the same.  Or, I'm getting tougher, LOL....

I can stay in this trial to the point of 20% growth, then on to a new drug.  Dr. Patel is already working on getting approval for this trial.  It has shown great success in other areas, but so expensive (approx. $125,000 per infusion) and I may need up to two years of infusions of this stuff.  So she is already working on plan B. 

The point for this current IMAC 12 trial is to slow it down and keep looking for something that will kill the tumors.  Maybe this stuff will show some shrinkage next scan.  A girl can hope :-)

Love and Peace, Kara

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  1. Steady on. Good information. I love you and am sending a hug your way. Wish I could give it in person, but was so good to see you last week, sweet girl.