Sunday, August 19, 2012

Infusion #14, childhood friends, and MD Hotel

My Infusion went smoothly again this time, woohoo!

However, my veins are starting to collapse and are full of scar tissue.  This has prompted me to have a port inserted.  I am seeing a surgeon tomorrow to talk about when this will be done.  I have resisted having this done as long as possible.  With the prospect of months/years to come of chemo, blood draws, and IVs for scanning, I think its time to start protecting my arms. 

My friend Holly took me to Houston this time.  We have been friends since we were 9 years old. She treated me to a night in the Hotel the night before the infusion, which gave us extra time to visit and catch up on our lives.  Thank you Holly!  She was touched by the black "melanoma" bracelet that John bought for her.  She said, "I feel like part of the team" now. 

Since moving most of my standard of care to Austin and only going to Houston for the infusions, life has gotten a bit easier.  I have started feeling emotionally stronger as I have started to accept what is happening and learning how to ask for help.  My team at U.T. is amazing! They are all so willing to help and support what I need to get through this.  I am grateful for my job and for the people that I work with.

My family and friends have really rallied around me.  John is hard at work and traveling to Ohio some these next several months and then will start working on building a practice here in Texas, starting with Dallas.  He is working hard and feeling good about that. 

Writing in my journal, walking the dogs, and meditation is helping me stay grounded as well.  My new psychotherapist was a bit far for me to drive, so still looking on that front, but have met others who are healers to help me through the side effects of the chemo and with living in the moment.

Love and peace to everyone and thank you for your support - prayer, positive thinking, advice, cards, helping out with driving to Houston, and everything in between.

xoxo, K

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