Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Daddy and Me......

My daddy took me this time.  We went to Houston on Thursday and spent the night with Uncle Keith and Aunt Darla.  Cousins Kelly and George even joined us for dinner!  It was a great visit.  Dinner was good, but breakfast was legendary.  Uncle Keith (my dad's brother), cooked his famous, hold onto your hat Texas breakfast (spicy, cheesy eggs, biscuits and gravy, watermelon, tomatoes, bacon, hot coffee.....) it was fabulous!  Just what we needed to start the day (especially because you never know when you are going to have time to really sit down for a meal again that day).  As usual, they were the hosts with the most. Thank you!!

This trip marked my 15th infusion, 17th trip to M.D. Anderson, and my first infusion with my new port.  The port is sore from the thick, 2 1/5" incision, but even with that the infusion went smoother than ever.  Before accessing the port, the nurse sent me to radiology for a chest xray to see if everything was in its proper place (it is! whew, I was actually glad to know that for sure).  Luckily, I didn't have to wait too long and arrived at the chemo clinic about 2 hours late.  Started chemo 3 hours late.  Not too bad.  My arms were protected from the vampire clinic downstairs :)  and the magic meds pumping into my body went in without notice (usually it burns for the hour that I'm going through infusion) - this time, nothing.  WOOOOHOOOO.  Once the port incision site is healed, I'm told this will really be easy breezy.  I'm ready! 

Every step of the way, I felt like this little girl in the photo.   Lifted up, kissed, and loved. My grandmother (my Mimi called her dad "daddy" until the day he died) so did my mom and my Aunt Rosemary.  I never forgot that and to this day, I call my dad, "daddy" as well.  It is a daddy's girl kind of thing to do.  His calm and soothing mood kept me feeling secure all day.  We left the hospital at 4:30 and were on I10 for what seemed like FOREVER because some people I guess think that a 3 day weekend is enough time to go camping.  We still had a good time together driving ever so slow on that old highway.  We finally made it back to Austin around 9:30pm.  One of, if not the, longest drive home from Houston yet! 

As a side note, both my mom and my mimi have been wanting to take me to Houston.  They are unable because of health and mobility reasons.  They are in my heart and there in spirit.  So, if either of you are reading this - I LOVE YOU and I know that you want to be there too.  It is just not in the plan for that to work out, and that's o.k. 

I am so touched by how many people who are willing to drive me down there and WAIT and WAIT some more.  My family and friends are precious to me.  John thanks you as well.  Now that he is back to work, and still managing most of our lives, driving me down to Houston is a HUGE help.  We love you all for doing it.  We are both doing better with embracing our new norm and feeling grateful that we have a choice. 

What's next? I get scanned in Austin on 9/11 and then will go down to Houston with Lea, my sister, on Friday, 9/14.  We will get my scan results and then I'll go in for my next infusion. 

Yes, U.T. has started classes. I'm teaching 3 this Fall.  I'm managing another round of One Million Bones that will be installed on campus in November.  I also have a couple of graduate Independent Study students, which are fun and inspiring to work with; however, I have withdrawn from other duties for now.  This academic year, my participation in committees, extra duty, and things that I usually jump to do, I've been encouraged (let's say), to step back for awhile until I'm stronger. 

I've been in touch with an old friend who has connections with Livestrong.  Once I finish One Million Bones, I'm going to focus extra energies on Art studio space for kids with cancer.  So many students at U.T. are already excited and wanting to help out with this project.  As I start to get underway, I'll blog more about that....and planning on creating a separate website as well.  Still on the to do list.  Life is good.  My heart and energy is also there for all of my family and friends who are struggling with health.  You all are on my list.  Love, peace, and healing energy from Austin. Kara


  1. I think your daddy is pretty special too! Praying for you today! Becky Brockelman