Friday, September 28, 2012

Research, new trials, travel, and maybe even a Norwegian liver transplant

My home oncologist here in Austin is awesome. She is helping me sort through trials.  She has recommended more searching at MD Anderson and a visit to Sloan Kettering in NYC and Dana Farber Memorial in Boston.  My brother-in-law, Peyton is also finding stuff and my spouse, John found a trial in Norway where they actually want to give liver transplants to 6 people with late stage uveal melanoma! He has contacted the the doctor there.  Lots of choices.  I also see a new (new to me) physician at MDA in 2 weeks.  I hope he has some answers as well. Feeling more hopeful about that.

Work with spiritual guides has been amazing and really has given me a fresh perspective about life, living, and even death, which is inevitable.

Teaching is going great and as usual I'm really loving it.  It sweeps me away from thoughts of needles, medicine, and cancer itself.

Thank you all for fundraising support.  John and I have decided to save it up for the trips to see other drs.  If I'm accepted into the Norway trial, we could be over there for awhile. The good news is that my liver has good function and we do not have to be in a big hurry on this one. We appreciate your love and all the different ways you have supported us.  Thank you! HUGS!

Lea is taking me down to Houston today for a routine chemo treatment.  Cheers to some sister time, xoxoxox

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