Sunday, October 7, 2012

Fall is finally here....even if only for a weekend

Sitting by the fire today is great.  I'm recovering from a stomach flu that really kicked me in the pants last week and left me exhausted.

It was great seeing family this weekend.  I just realized that we didn't take any pictures while they were here! John's brother Alex, his wife Diana, and their daughter, Sara flew into Austin from Ohio for a long overdue visit.  We enjoyed their company.  Sara is so grown up!

John received an email from the Norwegian physician and the trial is limited to Norwegian patients.  Not sure how we missed reading that, it did feel too good to be true.

My step mom, CC (Claudia), is taking me to Houston on Friday 10/12.  Our relationship has evolved many times over and we have become close. I am so grateful for her as another mother and friend.  One can never have too many mothers.  I'll be seeing another physician (that's how MDA scheduled me, because Patel is out of town); an opportunity for another voice.  CC will be a strong advocate during that meeting.  I have a couple of doctor visits this week in preparation for Friday.

My own mother has been struggling with many health issues over the years.  Recently, she has faced even more serious challenges. Please keep her in your prayers as well.  She hasn't been able to travel for years and it is her wish and mine too that she is able to come to Austin for a visit in up coming months. I will see her in November and again in December when I have some time off.

What I have learned is that my tumors are considered slow growing.....I think that I say that a lot.  Right now, it's what I'm hanging my hat on.  Still hopeful about a new trial by the first of the year.

The semester is escalating.  Doing my best to keep my head above water......xoxo

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