Thursday, October 11, 2012

Food, Drink, and Calming Energy

Since I was diagnosed this third time, I have been eating a bit differently.  Trying to eat healthier in general.  I have received a few books, articles, and words of advice from friends and family about how food can starve or feed the cancer.  Seems my favorite foods are also the foods that cancer loves.  bummer.  However, I am ready to take more control over the situation and eat better.  Life is more important to me than ice cream.  John and I are reading, grocery shopping, and are even going to start juicing vegetables.  Something I really thought that I'd never do....but here it goes!

I have been meditating and trying to journal daily, along with other things that make me happy and calm.  I can do better.  Sometimes I feel selfish (or dare I say even guilty at times) for not participating in some activities that I normally would; however, I am starting to reflect on how some of those activities make me feel and how I can control those things.  I know that sounds cryptic, but we all have things in our lives that make us crazy - just trying to eliminate some of those things for now and some of them, forever. 

I really do love my life.  Before this recent diagnosis, things could not have seemed more perfect in many ways.  I have much more to do and much more to I'm taking back some of the control. Dealing with the health care system has gotten easier now that I can see the big picture since I have been seeing my local doctors on a regular basis.  I haven't really been in therapy per se, mostly due to my schedule.  But, I have been seeking quiet time and emotional support from energy healers, spiritualists and friends outside of my closest circle.  This helps with perspective and has given me strength to be more proactive. 

Signing off for now.....much love and peace, K

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