Monday, November 12, 2012

Another opinion and Plan B

Last Friday at MD Anderson, we learned that my two largest tumors are still growing.  The smaller ones are both shrinking and growing; however the main concern is with the largest tumors.  I am running a low grade fever, have fluid on my left ear, sore throat, and my LDH (which has to do with tissue breakdown) is through the roof.  I did not receive chemo on Friday.  Since I was seeing a new physician, he wants me to redo my blood work, which I am doing this morning before school and confer with my main physician to determine their recommendation.  However, it appears that this treatment is not working aggressively enough and it's time to move on to plan B.  Good news is that there are lots of other options, perhaps some in Austin even. He just made a few suggestions and they all happened to be treatments that I have heard of.

Continuing to learn about food and have found a good farmers market, which is starting to become a Saturday morning ritual for John and I.  

Unfortunately, with the extra tests and appointments this week, I am unable to travel to my state conference.  This is a bummer.....and can be so frustrating about the uncertainty of my rare cancer and experimental drugs and therapies.  Sometimes, they get in the way of life and it stinks.  

I have decided to take Thursdays off from cancer.  This will be my day to focus on anything but the disease and treatment protocol.  I may have to readjust the day of the week that this happens based on new treatments, but for now, it's Thursday.  I will still take care of myself that day, we are just starting to feel like we need a designated break from worrying, talking, and researching about it.  

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