Tuesday, November 13, 2012

More information.....and Liver Biopsy

My doctors have now conferred and they suspect that its possible the drug is working even though there is steady growth.  They are suggesting that the dark center part of my largest tumor is possibly necrosis, which means dying/dead tissue.  If this is the case, then the drug IMAC 12 is indeed working.  I'm working on getting that scheduled for later this week, which means slow moving for the remainder of the semester, but ready to get the news so we can process and accept, then move on.

Today, my students and many others are laying over 8,000 bones on the UT campus South Mall from 11-1pm for the culminating installation for One Million Bones Texas.  Then, the bones will be packed up and sent to Washington, DC for the National Mall install in June 2013.  Very exciting! 

Will post as I know more.....Love, hugs, and kisses

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