Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last One Standing.....

I am the last remaining person in this trial of IMC-A12.  I have learned that this does happen quite commonly.  However, it still feels like I have won the jackpot here.  I had another round of chemo last Friday, and will have another one this upcoming Friday to "catch up," along with a PET scan to give us more results.  However, my lead oncologist and I are both leaning on the pathology report that I shared in the previous blog.  Then, I'm back on the every other week schedule for chemo treatments with CT scanning every 8 weeks.  Feeling light and free as a bird.  Symptoms remain the same, but there is something psychological about shifting from fearing the pain to embracing the pain as necessary changes to my body in order to live.  Bring it on.

Finishing up the semester is a crazy time, then some time in Dallas with family and friends.  Cheers to the season.  Feeling deep gratitude and love, Kara


  1. Kara, I just read through the whole blog. Boy, you have been going through it! You are an inspiration the way you have handled everything. You have always been wise and someone I would like to emulate.

    Thank you for telling me about this...I will be following with all my prayers and positive thoughts going your way. I am thankful you have John.