Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A few days after Infusion #1

Its Tuesday morning and I'm sitting at my desk for the first time since I had my first infusion of Yervoy.  Happy that yesterday was a holiday for me. 

Last Friday was a long day.....it always is when starting a new treatment.  Daddy was a real trooper getting me through it all!  The infusion itself was easy breezy and the observation was smooth - back to Austin we went.

The most significant side effect for me so far is the itching without a rash.  Itching from the inside out.....but not so bad that I want to take anything for it.  Some stomach rumblings, but so far so good on that as well.  Saturday I had a headache all day and felt so tired I was like a noodle all day, which honestly I think was more from the travel and long day on Friday more than it was from the actual drug.

My nurse told me the Yervoy that was infused into my body on Friday cost $100,000!  WOW, that is mind boggling. This drug is FDA approved for cutaneous (skin) melanoma so there is a ton of literature out there on the WWW about it.  Now, its being tried on ocular melanoma (OM) with some success and of course this is how Dr. Patel was able to get a trial going at MD Anderson for OM patients like myself.  They are also trying it on Prostate Cancer as well. 

Again, its not a traditional chemo, its a drug that tells your immune system that it needs to go to work and fight the tumors.  I am feeling confident that this will be my ticket to life without cancer for awhile. 

Yesterday, I went to watch Kelley at dance class.  So cute!  I can't tell if it was cuter watching her dance or hug her BFF over and over.  Only 4 years old, and already knows the value of a good friend.  That makes my heart happy.

Visiting schools today - checking in on my student teachers in elementary and meeting some of the secondary teachers to prep them for the second half of the semester with the student teachers.  Cheers to a great week!  xo, Kara

Peace and Acceptance of all that is in front of you each and every day.......

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