Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Trial starts on Friday

Good Morning,

Busy week for starts....Monday night was the first night of the semester with my student teachers.  Out in the field this week and next meeting, new teachers (new to me), who will host some of our students.  Also, I start my new drug trial, Ipiluminab, or most commonly referred to as Yervoy by patients and friends.  My dad is driving down on Thursday.  We are going that night and staying at the hospital hotel because my day starts so early on Friday and I have 5 appointments/place changes throughout the day, starting at 7:30 and ending ? hopefully by 4pm.  I will have 4 infusions every 3 weeks, then 12 weeks off, during which time I will be scanned and my progress followed to determine if its working and should stay in the trial for another round of 4 infusions, which would start first part of July.  My free months are April (winding up the semester), May (going with family to Destin, FL), and June (hmmmm.......dreaming of all that free time!) LOL

I have started feeling great since the last chemo is nearly out of my system.  Or maybe its out....but definitely feeling better and stronger.  I am hopeful that the side effects for this new trial are different and less intense despite the fact that I've been told its more toxic, I'm staying focused on overall health....and getting back to eating better now that the holidays are FINALLY over - they were great, but seemed to go on forever. I love the time, but I love work routine, schedules, and class YAY!

Peace and Love, K

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  1. Thinking about you this week, Kara!!!! Hope the chemo didn't wipe you too much...E