Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life Goes On.....

I returned from my national conference Sunday night and have been "recovering" as if I partied in Ft. Worth all weekend....HA! That couldn't be farther from the truth.  However, this was the first national conference that I've attended in a few years due to my health or my mother's health.  It was great to be back in the saddle again (this really just came out, cheesy I know).  Even though I kept things to a minimum - I got through my presentations, met with friends and my favorite faculty who were there ;-) and even attended a couple of gatherings - it was great. 

After Thursday and Friday of walking, talking, drinking too much coffee, missing my naps, and staying up late for dinner and time with friends, Saturday morning came too early.  Without scheduled obligations for that day, I slowly crawled out of bed long after my roomie had left.  Standing at the window and looking down on the streets of downtown cowtown, then looking up into a Portland inspired-sky and then back again at my cozy bed, the decision to stay inside was not a difficult one.

For some fleeting moment, I felt regret that I was unable to maintain my usual insanity over the long weekend with  museum trips, attending endless lectures, walking through exhibitions of kids' art, checking out the vendors, staying up late every night, and wearing uncomfortable shoes.  Then, I just felt grateful again that I was there at all and oh so grateful for a quiet hotel on a Saturday afternoon while everyone else kept to their own busy agendas.

One of the most exciting things that happened for me on this trip was my reunion with my dear friend, Debbie from Florida State University.  We started the doctoral program together in 2000.  When I was diagnosed with eye cancer that second semester, she was my number one dog sitter (for those of you who know me and my obsession with my four-legged children, you know how important this is) and then she was my number one cheerleader when I was ready to return to school; even though she had graduated by then.

Debbie and I had decided to attend a party on Saturday night that was hosted by three big groups, in a local gallery down the street.  It promised to be the social event of the weekend.  We received a few texts from my T.A. and indeed there was a crowd, with food, art, and wine.....however, I was still feeling low and by then coping with hives; attending was not in my future.  Debbie decided to stay home with me.  Instead, we brainstormed an article, pulled out our laptops and while sitting across from each other in jammies with hot tea and plenty of chocolate, we started to work.  We wrote for about three hours and had the best time!  Thank you Debbie for kick starting my writing and staying in with me on a rainy Saturday night in Ft. Worth, Texas.  We really are over 40 and I'm loving it!

It is Spring Break and the weather is gorgeous here in Austin.

Cheers to Change

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