Sunday, March 3, 2013

Third Infusion

I am at MD Anderson with my Aunt Rosemary waiting for a chemo room.  It's nearly 5pm, so we will be missing the after work traffic for sure today! I just saw the doctor and my PET scan showed another tumor, now I have one in both breasts, however the doctor is still more concerned with my liver at this point. My blood work shows that my liver is functioning like it should.  I have a swollen lymph node just below my left ear that will undergo an ultrasound and biopsy if needed next visit. My symptoms are manageable but a little different this time around.  Fatigue is about the same.  I'm experiencing headaches now and then, hives in small doses each day, and the same liver pain. I try to eat right, although I have a permanent metal after taste in my mouth that makes all food taste different except for my beloved ice cream.  I take walks when I can with my least a few times a week.  Nothing like the 5 mile run I used to do with Max every morning, but the fresh air is good and Bell, my old Dalmatian, probably couldn't make the 5 miles anymore than I can right now anyway.

My doctor reminded me that the symptoms are cumulative, so they "might" get worse and they might not. I'm all for not.

Life is rolling along. Work is great. I've been given a reduced teaching load, which has really helped this semester.  The farmer's market has become our favorite Saturday morning date.  Having Kelley, our 4 year old niece, for sleepovers is still a favorite weekend activity when we can.  She is my heart.
Getting ready for conference next week and then spring break.   Keeping busy with visitors and trips to Houston every three weeks, and of course back up to Dallas as often as I can.

John and I have accepted our new normal.  We also know that I have already beaten the odds for this type of cancer.  Everyday is now truly a gift.  Thank you for hanging in there with's a long haul this time around. Your notes, emails, cards, meditations, and prayers are felt and continue to lift me up.

 Love, Peace, and Acceptance, Kara

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