Monday, June 3, 2013

Summertime and a long overdue posting......

Photo by Lea taken of Kelley's perfect little feet as she was running into the surf.  What fun we had watching her explore the ocean for the first time! And, Jennifer's baby Hayden too.  He was a hoot with the sand (22 months old). 

Scan 2 on 5/10/12 after 4 infusions of Yervoy (Jan-April, 2012): Tumors are stable in liver, this is the best news.  I do have a new mole like place (very small) in my scalp, which is confirmed melanoma.  I'll probably have this removed if it doesn't shrink.  I have increased side effects with skin rashes and daily nausea.  Working hard to keep these under control.  Blood work continues to be strong and overall, the research nurses say I'm handling everything really well.  Eating is a chore and the joy of cooking has been erased completely for now.  Looking forward to when all of that comes back.  However, it was fun to wear a bikini to the beach this year.  I have my next scan the week of June 25 and my next infusion June 28.  They will up the dose at that time (yikes, a little worried about that, but nurses are telling me that its not a guarantee that my side effects will also increase).  

School is officially out, but there are small projects and things going on just enough to keep me focused throughout the summer.  I have some more play time scheduled as well.  Of course, Florida was the big trip this summer.  It was great spending family time in Florida with my sisters (but we really missed Katie and Eric!!) and the niece and Daddy and CC, and even some alone time with John on our private excursions.  The weather was amazing and the water chilly but nice. The trip was physically challenging for me, but all the in between good moments made it worth it! Now, some Dallas and Houston Texas trips to visit family and some time for friends to come down to Austin and visit me, yay! 

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  1. Praying for you all the time! We miss your beautiful face!