Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dear Mom,

Dear Mom,

It has been most difficult for me to blog since you died on Saturday, June 8. I have been in touch with family and friends by phone about my health but just haven't been able to write these words that I know you will not be able to read. 

It was just yesterday that I opened the stack of condolence cards that came in the mail. 

After my scan in late June, it appears that my tumors have progressed (grown) more than 25% from the baseline of the study, which is a determinate for staying in the trial.  Additionally, the status of my health was considered. Mid March, April, May, June, and early July have been brutal regarding my overall health.  I will have this medication (Yervoy) in my body until October, but I am already starting to feel better as it slowly leaves. I have also had most of my medications that I take for side effects changed, which is helping tremendously.  

Now, I am in a holding pattern of sorts, although not entirely.   I have been back down to Houston/M.D. Anderson to meet my new oncologist in the Phase I Research Clinic, Dr. Ralph Zinner.  John and I really like him and his staff.  There is a trial that we are excited about and that my local oncologist is also excited about.  My treatment will consist of two drugs; both are FDA approved.  What makes it a phase I trial is that these two drugs have not been taken together.  The waiting has to do with when I start.  I'm in the administrative stage, getting insurance approval then determining the cohort group I will be in, which drives the start date. 

I hope to know more by early next week. 

Signing off for now....Summer has officially reached Austin.
Peace and healing, K

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