Monday, October 28, 2013

Good News and A New Plan

Holly took me to M.D.Anderson this past week.  We spent two nights, which really made it more like a slumber party since we had more time for meals, hotel room movies, and just hanging out.  I had CT scans, blood work and consented to start the new trial for November 1.  I will have an MRI on my Liver next week as well since the CT scans continue to be inconclusive, but no MRI on the brain.  This is because I am showing no signs of brain metastasis, so my physician waived this test and I will get to start the trial on time.  Woohoo!  This is good news.   Also, my blood work shows that my liver value numbers are stronger.  I will have to travel to Houston every Friday for this trial; scanned every 8 weeks.  Most weeks, we will be able to turn around in a day back to Austin, but sometimes, esp. if a scan is added to my schedule or another test, I will spend one night.  I can hardly believe we are still making the trip, but happy that there are still treatment options for me there and so thankful for all of my black bracelet warriors who are willing to hang in there with me and give John a driving/care taking break when they can.  I know that this is hard and sometimes harder for others. There are always people who have to help them run their lives while they take a break to help me through my life.  Driving and being present by not attending to every call/text just to give me that time and attention is also really a big thing that I know puts their lives on hold on another level.  Thank you for being there for me time and again and thank you for your continued promises to help me until its over.  I love you all so deeply.  Those who can't make it, give in other ways and those ways count as well and touch me in loving ways. I am full of gratitude.

On another note, still dealing with my mouth.  I have had the same spot re-sutured three times.  I go in for a follow up tomorrow and can feel that I might be in for a fourth, which also means those gross shots for a 4th time.  Ugh. 

All else is well.  Love, Peace, Recovery, K

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