Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friendship, Energy, Hats, and What's on the Horizon

My Dear Friend, Mary Beth from Tallahassee, FL came to see me this month.  She was my energy healer and became my friend when we lived there through my first experience with eye cancer.  I don't know what I would have done without her those months.....which turned into years.  Her visit was great.  She was here for me during a local chemo visit, we had long deep talks about coping and also which DIY show her husband, Tom (my dissertation professor) and I like the best, energy sessions, and cooking.  Thank you Mary Beth for coming and spending that time with me.

My energy is decreasing and when I lose my breath, it takes longer than anything I could have imagined to catch it.  Jason (my youngest stepson) is here.  He and John are working hard to get OptionHealth (John's latest venture) up and running.  They seem to be working well together.  Jason is helping me with running errands and keeping up with the dogs.  He is fun to have around.  Kelley loves him.  She is too cute wanting to play with him.

Well, as suspected my hair started falling out in large clumps so John shaved it for me. I have some white stubble, but its much easier and less stressful to work with than watching it come out each day.  Time to get ready in the morning has dramatically been reduced!  I put a call out for my Aunt Jo to make me a cap and she sent me 1/2 dozen! They are gorgeous.  One even came from a special group of ladies that she knows called the Knit chicks.  I'm outfitted.  Then, I got a gorgeous hat from my Mimi. My dad called the other day to say he was at the Post Office sending another one that Mimi made, this one with a flower on the side!  CC (my stepmom), her close friend, Lana, my Aunt Darla and my Cousin Kelly have all given me things to wear on my head!  Its too easy.

Yes, I miss my hair.  But, I'm o.k. with this for now.  I'd like to gain about 10# and then would feel stronger.  Working on that.  Jason has some ideas for protein shakes in addition to the Boosts that I've been drinking.  I'm about to change treatments again.  I'll have a scan on 10/25 and then see Dr. Zinner on 10/26. My warrior, Holly is taking me on that trip.  This new treatment is Ocular Melanoma specific (don't know name yet) and as long as my blood work is good and scans are fine, I'll get started sometime soon.  It will be a regular infusion through my port in the outpatient bays EVERY Friday in Houston.  I still like this better than the HAI that was Inpatient.  That was really a doozy.  I think that I need for that treatment to be over. 

Hanging in with teaching.....headed there today.  Love back to all that are sending it my way, keeping sending, I can feel it! In many ways, I feel like I'm declining physically, but for some reason, I know that I have things left to do and that I will get through this battle as well! 

Much love, peace, and healing, K

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