Monday, April 23, 2012

The Sun is out....Thank you for reminding me....

Facing my fears and embracing my journey. I must do this. The thing is the rest of my journey has been pretty great. So, I know that I have to accept the challenges, wins, losses, all of it or it wouldn't be the same.

I wouldn't trade places with anyone really.  Maybe in a split moment it felt like I might want to from time to time throughout my life, but not in the big picture. 

Since my last blog. I have had the chance to rest for the past three days.  I am learning that my physical state can be (and often is) directly related to my emotional state.  Since rest, I am better prepared to face this week.  John has done more than usual (if that's possible) to help me get that extra rest.

I had some special and unexpected people reach out.  Of the unexpected, a few students have sent endearing and heart warming messages that lifted me up, funny videos and reminders that I am still alive and kicking.  I have also received uplifting words from my mother and daddy as I always do each week.

One of my BFF sister's Christy and her weekly emails, with words of encouragement and then a hilarious fart story that happended in her kinder room! I have missed those little ones this year.

My sister, Lea, gave me extra hugs this weekend and shared her precious child with me Saturday night, brought me some super delicious donuts Sunday morning.  Kelley actually got jealous when Lea and I were hugging. Lea said "I can hug my sister." Since that day, whenever Kelley sees me hug Lea, or even John for that matter, she'll say "I want a sister." :-)

I talked with my another one of my BFF sister's Leslie at 11:11 (funny time and yes it has meaning) yesterday for an hour!  We cried and laughed. We pretended to be rich and fly off to Paris to stay at the George IV and get spa treatments.

Saturday morning, I met BFF sister, Holly and her family at what I thought was going to be a tennis match, turned out to martial arts! FUN! Something totally new for me and her son, J.D. won the medal to boot!
J.D. Lee, me, Daniel Lee, Cedar Park, Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cheers to friends and family and life! Thank you for lifting me up again and again. Love and Peace and Faith in my Journey, K


  1. And cheers to you! You are such a great teacher who has inspired me so much and helped me grow in so many ways. I'm so excited to see you next semester! sending you blessings and love <3 - Tina

  2. Just reading a book, "Broken," about a Northern Arapaho man, Stanford Addison. He says he can see behind the fears we all have about life, death, challenges, etc. What he sees is the courage that stands behind the fear. Your courage is there, too, Kara. Love and blessings on you this day. Martha