Saturday, May 26, 2012

Liver tumors have stopped growing!

I had my next set of CT scans in Houston on Thursday. Friday morning, Lea and I went to see Dr. Patel. She says that the tumors are the same size from 8 weeks ago! This is fabulous news. I also have a teeny lump on my right breast that has been there all along, but Patel wants to investigate. More than likely, I think it's a fibroid mass since I have a history of them. But, the reality is it could be that, another uveal melanoma mass, or a new breast cancer on its own. So, checking is wise. However, I am not fretting over it; I'm more upset that going to Houston early again next time will interfere with another meeting. Arggghhhhhhh. For now, feeling good. Tired and achy, but happy that the medicine is working! Keep the positive stuff's working! Thank you. With Love, K

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