Sunday, June 10, 2012

Infusion #9 and then some...

John and I arrive M.D. Anderson around 7am for my ultrasound. After lying on the table in a hospital gown for nearly an hour, the nurse comes back in to say that I'm in the wrong place.  My orders have been written wrong.  Once I get to the Breast Imaging center, they give me 2 (yes 2) mammograms.  Then I wait and wait and wait (in the back in a different gown with a warm blanket on my shoulders.  Then, a nurse appears to tell me that I'll need to go eat lunch and then come back in 2 hours for a biopsy.  What? This will throw my schedule off completely.  After confirming that YES I do indeed have to have a biopsy, we go eat some lunch and then head back over so I don't lose my place in line.  Biopsy, then down to the chemo bay for my usual dose.  3 hours later we are leaving for home.......its about 7pm now. My nurse came and talked to me while I was getting chemo - seems no one is directly responsible for anything that goes wrong there.  One of the longest days on that campus yet.  It was supposed to be my "light" visit. I will know the biopsy results sometime mid week.  Just as we were leaving, I asked for a copy of my bloodwork - which no one discussed with me.  I noticed that my triglycerides are elevated again - bummer.  I hope that this doesn't interfere with next week's chemo treatment.  Wish I could get my blood done the day before here in Austin so I don't have to go to Houston for them to tell me that.  There seems to be something to worry about at every turn.  Meditation is helping me with that and of course work is great except when I'm too tired to even get out of bed.

I start teaching summer sessions with my faculty team tomorrow.  Ready or not, here they are! 2 solid 6-day weeks, then a 4-day week of TEA/TEKS review committee meetings.  Infusion #10 in the middle of that.  Then, July. Summer oh summer where are you?

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  1. I'd be happy to be your go-to-girl in class at UT, just let me know as my schedule is wide open. Need me to drive you in and out of Austin, go grocery shopping, pick up dry cleaning, bring you peace of mind, just let me know?