Monday, August 12, 2013

Trial 3 will be the charm I need!

I started taking the drugs for Trial #3 on Friday.  I was sick throughout the weekend, but gradually getting better.  Still dealing with a weak stomach and some fatigue but not as sick as Friday and Saturday. 

I am very hopeful that these drugs will work.  They have worked as independent agents on many other types of cancer - here's hoping that they will work together on Ocular Melanoma tumors!

Off to the oral surgeon later in the week.  It will take many visits to get these chemo/radiation teeth strong again.  I'm grateful for the fundraising money from last year because I'm using it to get my dental work done! Thank you for that!  Even with health insurance and a decent job, healthcare expenses are crazy! I don't know how the uninsured are surviving in this country.  Even with all the help we got last year from people driving me down to Houston and paying for hotel stays, etc., John and I spent over $20,000 out of pocket in 2012 for my healthcare alone.  ARgghhhh, that's a trip to Paris and a few shopping sprees for sure.  Yet, if I'm not here what difference does any of that make?  So, we trudge on and still have hope that we will find something (hoping that we have found something) that will extend my life in a positive way, without too much sickness. 

Still fighting with Blue Cross to pay for the Pazopanib.  M.D. Anderson is giving me (and the others in the trial), the Crizotanib for free.  My new physician thinks we can get this worked out and soon it will be a non-issue.  I'm all for that!

Signing off for now....Peace, Love, Acceptance, K

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