Sunday, September 1, 2013

Plan D?

Well, good news first - there is another treatment plan available for me.  I can stop the chemo that has kept me sicker than a dog.  As a teen I thought there was no such thing as "too skinny"....revamping my thoughts on that.

Daddy was with me this week as we got the news that my tumor growth is inconclusive; however with the growth of two new small bumps on my scalp and one nearly undetectable bump on my stomach, along with my failing overall health, my team decided that it was time to move on to another treatment. 

I will be getting Hepatic Arterial Perfusion - where they insert a catheter much like a heart catheter, directly into the liver and then will pump high concentrations of chemo (Braxane) into my liver.  At the same time, I'll have a "booster" chemo going into my port to help maximize the effects of the liver directed therapy.  I will be admitted to the hospital for 2 days each time and have the procedure done every 3 weeks.  This first time, John and I are driving down Tuesday and I will be released on Thursday or Friday depending on how I do.

This weekend, I'm a busy bee getting my classes ready since I won't be there and cleaning the house for the dog sitter :-)

Tuesday is my 18th wedding anniversary!   Can't say it will be at the top of my mind that day, but when it pops up, I'll smile and remember what fun we had eloping to Key West that day, where we lived for 2 years after.  In many ways, we left part of our hearts there.  It will always be a special place for us.  Part of my dream is to live long enough to get back there in some way shape or form. 

Cheers to having options and still working with M.D.Anderson, Peace, Love, Healing, Kara

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