Monday, September 9, 2013

Corrections and more information

The procedure that I'm having is called "Hepatic Arterial Infusion." I will have this every three weeks as long as my tumors are responding.  Abraxane goes through that artery at a high dose and then dilutes as it enters my main bloodstream.  Two other (to be named drugs are infused into  my port afterward - one at a time) a "booster" chemo to help Abraxane work better and then a type to stop the growth of cancer blood vessels.  Then, a chemo 8 days later here in Austin, called Gemcitabine.  This is not a study or trial, they are blasting me right now trying to save my life - extend my life. 

My appetite is stronger, my fatigue the same and now I can only walk my dogs on certain days in between the infusions, bummer.  Off to teach!

Cheers to the Fall, xo

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