Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Going Grey...but its falling out anyway, so what up?

So far my appetite is getting stronger.  Still dealing with healing my teeth and getting through months of dental work.  I noticed last night, that my hair is coming in SOLID silver/grey! YIKES, I haven't had any grey yet at 43 so this is not exactly alarming, but well ya know.  One of the 4 chemos that I'm on does say my hair might go grey.  Also, another says I might lose my hair.  Well, this morning clumps of hair started falling out - in the shower, on the counter, in the sink, on the floor, in my brush.  Guess I'm headed to the hair salon to get it cut super short so it will be easier to deal with as it comes out. poo.  I need warm and cute crochet hats Aunt Jo! :-)  She is my grandmother's sister who has made hundreds of caps for new born babies at her local hospital.  I have some nice scarves and bandanas so those will come in handy too :-)

Jason (John's youngest son) is here with us and will stay with us for awhile then get his own place in Austin. We are so happy to have him here. 

This week, we are going to the cemetery to set up my mom's ashes on the bench that will be shared with her husband. 

Next week, I go back down to Houston for cycle 2 of the HAI (Hepatic Arterial Infusion).  John will take me down for that.  All the nurses said that's it much easier after the first time.  I'm hoping they are right!

Mary Beth (energy healer that worked with me through my eye cancer in Tallahassee in 2001 and 2002) is coming for a visit soon.  I'm looking forward to that time together.

CC (stepmom) spent last Friday night with me after my 4 dose (from cycle 1) of chemo, which I get locally (yay!). I got lots of good love and uplifting positive support from her during that slumber party. 

Life is good.  Lots of love all around.  Thank you for that.  It lifts me up and keeps me going from one breath to the next.  I can do this!!

Love, Peace, Healing, K

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